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Hosted IVR Developer Network

Welcome to Hosted IVR Developer Network, a members-only development environment dedicated to VoiceXML/TXML. Here you will find all the resources and tools you need to quickly and easily build personalized IVR-based business applications, such as location finder, automated billing inquiries, and many others. Plus, you'll be building applications that can interact with Hosted IVR Application Platform - enabling enhanced features like outbound notification and integration with industry-leading enterprise call center products for advanced intelligent call routing and queuing capabilities.

Features & Benefits

The Developer Network is designed to meet the needs of Hosted IVR developers with various backgrounds - whether you're accustomed to creating call flows with proprietary desktop tools or Internet technologies. Join the Developer Network and discover how the following resources will make your VoiceXML/TXML development efforts a snap:

  • Development Tools - Join the Developer Network and you'll have advanced tools close at hand for your application development efforts.

    • Dedicated development port Each paid membership includes a dedicated port to facilitate building and debugging of VoiceXML applications.

    • CodeCenter If you like writing applications using Internet technologies, then CodeCenter is for you. CodeCenter is a Web-based VoiceXML development environment that takes your business voice applications from concept to deployment. Click here to read more or take a tour.

  • Application Deployment - As a Developer Network member, you can deploy your applications for customer pilots or for production in the Network with minimal deployment issues as the Developer Network is completely compatible with the production network.

  • Technical Support - Have questions about VoiceXML? You can contact Hosted IVR developer support through email

Hosted IVR Services are available for call centers located throughout the United States. Hosted IVR is designed to inter-operate with other Interexchange Carriers.

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